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This section contains some of the latest discoveries from our Innovation Lab. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Going 360 in the Dominican Republic
Immerse yourself in these 360-degree videos - all taken around our community center in the Dominican Republic. You’re in control, so move the camera and get a sense of the kids’ experience and the community at large. 


Stories of Inspiration from Sponsored Youth
As part of their participation in the Sponsor Connect pilot, sponsored youth shared their stories of inspiration and how it impacted their lives. In return, their sponsors were able to get a better glimpse into their sponsored child's world. These videos were produced in Quito, Ecuador and later translated for this page. 

Expression Through Pictionary
If you give a kid a marker and a blank whiteboard, it really opens the doors to their imagination and endless possibilities. That was the case as we recently captured some sponsored youth playing a round of Pictionary in their community library. Here are some clips from this session and you can clearly see how it really opened them up, while having a little dose of fun. 

Youth Radio Program: Youth Empowerment in Action
There's something powerful when a youth can take a microphone in hand and own it. That was the case when we got an exclusive peek into a youth-powered radio program in Quito, Ecuador. Sponsored youth conducted a series of interviews and even broke out in a jam session.

Volunteers in Action
As part of our community center opening in Quito, Ecuador, volunteers were quite busy with various tasks around the center. From painting a new schoolhouse to helping with the community gardens, volunteers from around the globe came together, while having some fun. 

Lab Feed

Video snippets and highlights from the Innovation Lab.

Live #SponsorConnect Feed: Real Feedback in Real Time

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