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Preventing Domestic Abuse Among Youth in Quito

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), violence within marriages and free union relationships starts when the couple is dating. The WHO also indicates that 3 out of 10 teenagers reported that they suffered violence at the hands of the person they were dating. For the youth in our community, having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is an important matter, but unfortunately statistics show that not every relationship is a positive relationship based on trust, respect and love. The objective of this proposal is to help bring awareness about the cycle of violence and prevent domestic violence by working in high schools to reach youth about this important social topic.

Through a partnership between our Quito-based Youth Council and our local community youth leaders group, this fundraiser will help raise awareness of domestic abuse and educating youth on the dangers of violence in youth relationships. We will have a series of educational workshops at five schools, with a program goal of reaching 750 teenagers in Quito.

Your donation will help cover the following items: 

  • Reporting, follow up and other coordination activities to ensure successful implementation of program.
  • Develop 3 workshops in every Educational Institutions. Professional fees and material that the instructors might need.
  • Identification of technical team, total 31 people, 6 per service area center (SAC). This includes teachers in schools, ex – sponsored youth, SAC staff, Youth Coordinator, Consultant from public/government protection; vest manufacturing
  • Making of wristbands to motivate 750 participating youths
  • Logistics: Adaptation of spaces and proper sound equipment
  • Printing of invitation sheets in order to motivate youths.
  • Purchase of water and snacks for 750 workshop participants.
  • Realizations of 5 Open Houses in order to prevent Violent Relations: amplification, posters, publicity, informative material.
  • Workshop preparation: training package: copy of documents, office material, copy of the laws of special protection.

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