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Community Garden Project in Quito, Ecuador

The Community Vegetable Garden Project was recently launched at the El Transito community center as an experiment in healthy eating after center staff began to notice an uptick in child-obesity rates. The reasons for the increases vary. A primary one is a lack of knowledge about nutrition, which can lead to parents making poor food choices for their families. Other times, children are unduly influenced by TV advertising of fast food and snack foods. In addition, nutritious food isn’t always readily available nor is it as inexpensive as processed food.

The doctors at the El Transito center hope the community gardens will help address many of these issues and encourage participants to eat healthier meals with the food they harvest themselves. So the doctors sowed a few seeds in a small backyard and, thanks to the rich soil and ideal weather, the vegetables flourished. Families were eager to begin their own community gardens.

Children International partnered with CONQUITO, the city’s economic department, to provide organic farming training to 112 adult participants. Individual groups received a full set of tools, a plot of land and seeds. Less than a year later, families began seeing the fruits of their labor: onions, cauliflower, radishes, lettuce, celeries, corn, carrots, potatoes, turnips, broccoli, cabbages and herbs.

Powered by volunteers, sponsored families and community supporters, this gardening project focuses on rebuilding the community while providing training on growing vegetables and greens, to ensure a lasting impact on the Camal Metropolitano community.

Your contribution will help provide for the following:
  • Garden tool sets
  • Training and resources to help educate participating families
  • Sales materials and packaging as well as tent rentals, printings and packaging
  • Ongoing maintenance of community gardens.

Below is a photosphere of one of the community gardens.

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