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Powered by Children International, Sponsor Connect is an innovation pilot that allows us to test the impact of video and how it can serve as a new and dynamic way for sponsors to connect with their sponsored child. For this pilot, we are working with our agency in Quito, Ecuador. Ultimately, we strive for a better experience for sponsors and kids, while exploring new ways to make that connection real. 

This video has some highlights from the pilot and we encourage you to share any feedback or ideas in the form below. You can also check out our pilot-specific Instagram page for some behind-the-scenes content. 

Quick Facts about the Sponsor Connect pilot: 

  • Pilot is working with a dedicated pool of existing sponsors, all of whom have sponsored kids from Quito, Ecuador.
  • Sponsors can view videos from their sponsored child (click here for sample) and have an open exchange via video and 2-way comments. This approach allows them to connect around mutual interests and hobbies.
  • To eliminate the language barrier, videos are translated by a bilingual team member in the video.
  • Pilot will enable us to measure the impact of video, while exploring new ways to bridge the connection between sponsors and their sponsored kids. In doing so, we are providing a better experience for all sponsors.
  • We are also testing new ways to feature community-based content, so that sponsors can get an unfiltered look at their sponsored child's world. Click here for community content page. 
  • What is sponsorship? Click here to learn more about child sponsorship

Contact Us

Have a question or just want to share an idea with us? You can email us at videopilot@children.org or fill out the form below. 

Live #SponsorConnect Feed: Real Feedback in Real Time

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